How to embed Obee widgets in your website

This guide does not apply to the Standard plan's booking page, which is not designed to be embedded. Please follow our guide on adding the Obee Book Now button instead.


1. Check the widget

Before embedding the widget in your website, we recommend checking it's set up how you'd like.
  • For reservations and events, use the widget on a computer and smartphone to make a booking. Remember to cancel these bookings when you’re finished, and refund any charges if needed.
  • For vouchers, use the widget on a computer and smartphone to purchase a voucher. Your vouchers should be in live mode when you do this. Remember to redeem and refund your vouchers when you're finished.


2. Embed the widget

Where you place your widget should be at least 280 pixels wide. We recommend placing your widget on a dedicated page. Once you've chosen a location, it's time to embed the widget using the embed code emailed to you by our support team.
Note: adding the same embed code multiple times to one page is not supported.
Follow the Squarespace guide.
Wix does not support dynamic resizing, so your widget will be a fixed height if embedded. This may impact usability. For the best booking experience for your guests, add a button that links to your widget instead. You can add a button by following the Wix Editor guide or Wix ADI guide.

If you use another website platform and need help, please contact us for assistance.
If you use a custom-built website platform and need help, please contact your website developer.


3. Check the embedded widget

To ensure the widget is interacting with your website correctly and there is no conflict with your website template, we recommend repeating the checks you carried out in step one of this guide.