How to mark vouchers as 'redeemed'

When a guest wishes to redeem their voucher, it is highly recommended you mark their voucher as 'redeemed' in your Obee account; this will stop the voucher from being used again. The following guide will walk you through the process

  1. Select More from the main menu
  2. Select Vouchers from the More dropdown menu
  3. Find the voucher you would like to mark as 'redeemed'
  4. Tick the checkbox in the Redeemed? column to mark the voucher as 'redeemed'. If a Staff text field or Taken By dropdown menu is above the checkbox, you must enter/select your initials before you can mark the voucher as 'redeemed'

  5. If needed, record any helpful notes in the field that appears in the Notes column, and select save when finished