Communicating vaccination requirements on your booking widget and in your email guest communication

Booking Widget

Terms and Conditions

Add or edit your terms and conditions to communicate vaccination requirements and set your guest's expectations before they complete their booking.

Here is an example of what you could write. Please note it is a general example only and may not be accurate for the state or territory your venue operates in. The wording you choose to use is your responsibility.

All guests attending must be fully vaccinated (two doses) against COVID-19. All guests must provide evidence of this on arrival. It is your responsibility to inform the guests you'll be attending with of this requirement. For information on obtaining proof of vaccination please visit the Services Australia website.


On the Branded and Plus plans you can use Options to display a checkbox about vaccination requirements that must be ticked before the guest can complete their booking. Read our guide →

Email Guest Communication

Confirmation Email

Use the Additional Info text field to reiterate the message from your terms and conditions. See how to change the wording in the guest's confirmation email.