How to set up credit card security on bookings

You can take credit card security on bookings using the "Payment" features of Obee on Standard, Branded and Plus plans.

In order to use "Payment" related features in Obee you must have an integrated payment gateway setup:
How to set up Pin Payments integration

  1. Select Account on the far right of the main menu
  2. Select Booking Settings from the Account dropdown menu
  3. Select Payments from the Booking Settings submenu
  4. Locate the "New Deposit / Payment" heading
  5. From the drop down menu select "Collect CC Details (e.g. to charge later for a no show)"
  6. Input the "Title"
    Tip: This is not shown to guests, so something short to prompt you in the future is handy e.g. "CC security for large groups"
  7. Type in a "Short Description"
    Tip: This shows on the payment screen of your booking widget for guests so something short and descriptive is a good idea, for example:

    "We require credit card details as booking security"
  8. In the "Booking Policy / Terms and Conditions" section type in your full policy.

    See Payment Policies for considerations and sample policies you can use
  9. Type in your "No Show Fee"
  10. We'd recommend in most cases leaving the "Currency", "Phone Bookings" and "Source" settings on their defaults
    If you think you might need to change these to meet your venues needs we'd recommend you contact to discuss your requirements first.
  11. From the "Area", "Day / Date", "Time" and "Size" set the conditions for when this policy should apply.
  12. Press "Save"


Go online and make some test bookings to ensure you're happy with how everything is working for your guests.

Send an email to  if you'd like to have our team review your setup for you.