What should you communicate to guests at Step 1 for reservations

At Step 1 of the online widget guests choose the area they'd like to book to get started. 

See: How to edit the description on areas at Step 1

Note: Descriptions will only display if more than one area is available.

At Step 1, consider mentioning;

  • Set the guest's expectation: A description of what is offered as part of this experience
    • Tip: It's great to have this information covered in more length (and with imagery) on your website
  • Sell it: What is unique about this area?
    • Why would the guest select this area? Is it bar seating, is it a kitchen bar, is this closer to the fireplace or better views, is there a special menu that's only available in this dining area?
  • Instructions: What does the guest need to know?
    • Is this area only bookable on certain days of the week? Is it weather dependent (and if so what happens if it rains)?