How to edit the description on areas at Step 1

The description on "areas" in your Obee account is communicated to guests at Step 1 of your online booking process. It's a great way to communicate to guests what they can expect when booking this area. Use your website to "sell" this area (for example: providing more detailed information, imagery and storytelling) and then use this section of Obee to communicate the essential information or booking process. 

  1. Select Account from the main menu
  2. Select Booking Settings from the Account dropdown menu
  3. Select Areas from the Booking Settings submenu
  4. Locate the category you would like to change, select "+ edit" on the right hand side
  5. Change the text in description input to suit your needs
  6. If you would like this to appear online to guests, ensure "show" is ticked
  7. Press "Save Changes"