Change between Obee 3.0 (Front Of House) and Obee 2.0 (Account Settings)

Follow these steps when navigating between Obee 2.0 and Obee 3.0 in your Obee account

To change from Obee 3.0 interface to Obee 2.0 account settings interface:

  1. Log into your Obee account - This will now open to Obee 3.0
  2. Navigate to the 'View' icon in the top left banner of page. Click the dropdown menu to show 'Views' and 'Modules'.
  3. Click the '⚙️ Settings' from the 'Views' dropdown menu
  4. Click the confirmation alert 'Continue, take me Obee 2.0'. You will now be redirected to Obee 2.0 Settings interface in a new tab in your browser.

To change from Obee 2.0 interface to Obee 3.0 interface:

  1. Click 'Account' menu dropdown on the far right side module banner under the 'Add Booking' area.
  2. Click 'Obee 3.0' to be redirected to Obee 3.0 interface. This will open in the same tab in your browser.