Obee 3.0 is here!

We’ve been working hard to make managing bookings easier than ever. This release has improvements to the floorplan, timeline, run sheet, notifications, vouchers, guest book and more!

Previously, we’ve focused on building out settings so you can tailor every aspect of Obee around your restaurant operations. Now, we’ve re-imagined your everyday views like the floorplan, timeline and so much more to give you a market leading end-to-end bookings solution that’s intuitive to use and lightning fast to manage your bookings!

Interactive & visual floorplan

Fewer clicks to manage your bookings with a compact run sheet and search bar to give you more control from one view.

Drag & drop timeline

View your bookings, make changes, spot empty time-slots and add new bookings in one click.

Uplift for the guestbook, vouchers and run sheet

Everything has been optimised to make it easier to use in service.

Real-time notifications

See new bookings, updates, cancellations from the one view to give you better visibility over what’s happening at any given time.