How to use require tag on menu items

See overview of tags for reservations ( see guide ).

Require Tag - Guests need to select at least one of your menu items
Usage: Great to encourage minimum spends

In Obee, the options can be found by clicking on  Account → Booking Settings → Options.

  1.   Select the + edit option button on the option you would like to edit
  2. Select the yellow notepad icon on the option
  3. In the description box add [[require group="X"]] with 'x' being a number and matching on menu item/s within each group that you require to be selected. For example:
    [[require group="4" msg="Please select a menu option"]] 

    Note: To include a message, see the guide here - How to add a message in option tags

  4. Select Save
  5. Review the menu item is as intended on your Obee widget

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