How to add past bookings

The  Add bookings section is where all past phone, email, walk-in and waiting list bookings can be made by staff. The following guide will walk you through the key information needed to add a past booking. The Add bookings section is highly customisable, so the example shown may look different to what you see in your venue's account.

Find the Add bookings section:

The  Add bookings section (shown below) is always located in the top right of your account

Add a past booking:

  1. Select an area for the booking from the dropdown menu. Note: If your venue has one area only, you will not be given this option
  2. Select the party size for the booking from the next dropdown menu
  3. Select the calendar icon (shown below) to select a past date
  4. Select a past date from the pop-up calendar (shown below). Note: Past dates appear greyed out, however they are still able to be selected
  5. Select a time for the booking from the next dropdown menu
  6. Enter the guest's name and contact information in the relevant fields
  7. Enter any information in the comments box if needed (the guest will not see these comments)
  8. Select the type of booking —Phone, Email, Walk-in or Waiting List—to add the past booking