What can we learn from a second lock down

As some venues enter a second round of restrictions, many of the lessons we learnt in March have now rung true a second time around. What can we learn from this, and how can we operate better as we continue forward to an unknown future? 
  • Diversify and add revenue streams
  • KIS - Keep it simple
  • Plan ahead, but be adaptable
  • Think local and engage with your community


The most successful restaurants in March were those that diversified early, and are continuing to do so, even as dine-in opens. By far the most common addition to revenue streams is adding a take-away component to your business, see our Online Ordering Category Overview for different models that might suit your venue. 


KIS - Keep it Simple. As trading conditions and government requirements are constantly evolving, often with little notice, the venues that have kept their dine-in offering simple have been the ones that have sailed through each announcement of changes with the least stress. 

See our guide for more ideas: Obee's guide to KIS (keep it simple) settings

Plan Ahead

The only thing you can plan for is change. Focus the majority of your efforts on what you can do to maximise your current opportunities and make basic plans on scenarios you can anticipate that may come. 

Plan for how you would respond to restrictions being both increased, decreased or removed (and look to other states for ideas of where you might head next see Overview of dine-in restrictions in Australia)

Think Local

"Local" and "Community" are two sentiment shifts that have been as instantaneous as they have been powerful for business that have adapted. When diversifying think of offerings that are uniquely local, or engage with, your local community. Leverage your database and social media to engage with them regularly, communicate your initiatives and how they involve your community.

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