How to add a new booking rule to limit total guests

"Rules" control the number of guests you can accept at any given day or time. You can limit total guests by area, by day, by session/time or any combination thereof.

To add a new rule in to Obee:

  1. Select Account from the main menu
  2. Select Booking Settings from the Account dropdown menu
  3. Select Rules from the Booking Settings submenu
  4. Locate the "New Booking Rule" heading
  5. Select the "Area" you would like to apply the rule to
  6. Select "Day / Date" you would like the rule to apply 

    Tip: You can leave this as "All dates" if you want to apply a rule (like "stagger by groups" to spread out all guests in this area) without worrying about it being different on different days of the week.
  7. Select "Time" you would like the rule to apply to

    Tip: In most cases a time wouldn't be needed unless you use it in conjunction with "maximum groups" (e.g. Maximum 5 groups at 7pm).
  8. Select the "Rule" to apply and input your limitTip: For most online scenario's "Maximum Groups" and "Stagger by groups" are the two rules you will be using. 
  9. Select "Add" when you are done

Tip: Check all of your existing rules to ensure they don't overlap or contradict one another.