Ideas and inspiration for regional restaurants

Looking for ways to diversify and add new revenue streams for your regional restaurant? Here's a list of ideas to get you inspired, let your creativity run wild.

Play to your strengths

  • Do you have land or a kitchen garden? Sell Prepaid Picnic experiences - Allow guests to have a long lazy lunch on you premises, give them a taste of your venue by showcasing the best of your menu at a more accessible price point 
  • Market Day - Create a market day on your land. Set up stands and sell your food (think drinks stand, cheese stands, ...), you can also ask suppliers to do pop-up stands and pre-allocate guests a time to visit each stand to control the flow and crowds.
  • Accommodation - Do you have accommodation on-site? Offer an in-room dining experience dropped at the guests door. You have the potential to pre-sell all meals too: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks. Don't have your own accommodation? Team up with other local providers.
  • Outdoor dining - Move your tables outside and give your guests unprecedented space. Offer it as a separate area online and create a special menu to suit.
  • Domestic travel - Identify opportunities that will come with domestic travel and create promotions and offers to target their interests
  • Guest delivery zones - For online ordering offer guest delivery zones outside of your normal delivery boundaries. One-day only - helps generate and fill demand, whilst keeping your overheads in check.


  • Locals Only - Offer benefits for "local's only", think of additional items that can be created at a low cost, and offered to locals, to take home at the end of their dine-in experience (or as extra items in their online orders). 
  • Give Back - Offer "donate" buttons on your reservations or online ordering forms so guests can donate to a local community group, where you pass 100% off the fee's collected.


  • Run pop-ups and collaborations with colleagues in different geographical locations - Contact metropolitan venues, or friends and colleagues, and arrange restaurant "take overs" collaborations. Aim to sell a higher priced set menu, and benefit from sharing each others audiences.

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