How to mark a menu item as sold out

In Obee your online ordering menu items can be found in  Account → Bookings Settings → Options.

  1. Select the + edit option button on the option you would like to edit
    Hint: This page can hold a lot of information so be careful to ensure you select the correct item
  2. Select the + vary number available under the menu item

  3. In the Label section (show below) enter some text to describe your intention. For example: Sold Out

  4. Update the Restriction dropdown (shown above) to Limit per day
  5. Enter the 0 as the number available in the Limit Number 
  6. Update the Area dropdown to Pickup Order or Delivery Order as required
    Tip: Leave as “all areas” if you want to apply the restriction across all categories
  7. Update the day/ date dropdown as required, or leave as Every day
    Note: See How does Day / Date work?
  8. Select Save

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