How to update showing conditions on options

You can adjust the showing conditions on your options to control when they are appear.

  1. Select Account from the main menu
  2. Select Booking Settings from the Account dropdown menu
  3. Select Options from the Booking Settings submenu
  4. Select the + edit option button on the option you would like to edit. This page can hold a lot of information so be careful to ensure you select the correct item.
  5. Select + vary showing conditions on the option

  6. In the Label field enter a short description to describe the showing condition (this is for your reference only)
  7. Update the Area dropdown as needed. Hint: The area selected will be where the option will show, if the option is available in more than one area, add another showing condition
  8. Adjust the Day, Time, and Display to booking Size if required
  9. Select save
  10. Review your booking widget to ensure the option is appearing as intended