Create a new online ordering category

This guide will step you through the entire process of setting up a new online ordering category yourself.

If this is your first time using online ordering with Obee you are required to complete Obee Online Ordering Setup.

Once you have been set up with Obee's online ordering you can create your own categories online at any time, if you would like the Obee team to set up the new category for you instead you can use the same link again Obee Online Ordering Setup.

Step 1 - Create category

In Obee you can create a new category using the "Areas" section of your account.

  1. In Obee go to Account → Booking Settings → Areas
  2. Scroll to the 'Add Area' section
    1. 'Name' - This is your category name
      Add "(Pickup)" or "(Delivery)" to the name if applicable

      Tip: We recommend using separate areas for delivery and pickup if you're offering both
    2. 'Capacity' - This won't impact your orders in most cases, set to "100" to start
    3. 'Min' - Set to "1"
    4. 'Max' - Set to "10"

      Tip: Min/Max is not used for online ordering (except crowd control / queue management)
    5. Press 'Add'
  3. Scroll to your new category and select '+ edit'
    1. 'Description' - 
      1. Describe your offering

        Tip: See What should you communicate to guests at Step 1 for online ordering?
      2. In your description add the tag "[[hide-guest-select]]" 

        Tip: See How to hide "select party size" at Step 1
      3. Tick "Show"
    2. 'Booking Duration' - Set to "15"
    3. 'Online Cut-off' - Set your time for last orders

      Tip: See How do I control the preparation time required for an order?
  4. Press 'Save Changes'

Step 2 - Set up Pickup, Delivery, Experience times

In Obee you control the pickup, delivery or experience using the "Opening Hours" section of your account.

  1. In Obee go to Account → Booking Settings → Opening Hours
  2. Add the opening hours to each area you created at Step 1

    Tip: See How to add times for online orders

Step 3 - Terms & Conditions

In Obee the terms and conditions step is where add-ons and supplements ("options") appear. For guests this is where they select their menu items when ordering online.

  1. In Obee go to Account → Booking Settings → Terms & Conditions
  2. Add terms and conditions for each area you created at Step 1

    Tip: You can copy paste from our templates, see How to add Terms and Conditions for Online Ordering

Step 4 - Order Limits

In Obee you control the total number of order you can take using the "rules" section of your account.
Tip: You can also control your orders at a menu level, see step 5. 

  1. In Obee go to Account → Booking Settings → Rules
  2. Add rules for each area you created at Step 1

    Tip: See How to limit the number of orders you can accept

Step 5 - Menu

To finish add your menu items

How to add a new menu item
How to update showing conditions on menu items
How to reposition menu items

Step 6 - Guest Communication

  1. In Obee go to Account → Booking Settings → Guest Communication
  2. Scroll to 'Confirmation Email' 
  3. Review 'Additional Info' - ensure you're happy with the content the guest receives in relation to their order, update or refine where applicable.

    Tip: We recommend adding a page to your website to communicate delivery, pickup and digital experience processes. In the guests' confirmation email you can refer your guests to that section of your website. 


Go online and make some test orders to ensure you're happy with how everything is displaying to guests.

Send an email to, we love to know when new categories have been added and we can also do a review and give out tips and recommendations.

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