How does Obee's online ordering work? (for those that are new to Obee)

Obee is an online reservations, voucher and event platform made for restaurants, pubs, bars and cafe's. We've adapted our online booking widget to cater to the needs of online ordering.

How does it work for the guest?

Guests go to your website and place an order using your Obee widget. The best way to understand the guest experience is to see it first hand, you can book a demonstration here.

How does it work for me / the venue?

You can login to your Obee account from your web browser (see which web browsers does Obee support?) or your mobile device (iPhone, iPad and Android) to view and manage your orders, and update your menu items. You can also get notified of new orders via email and SMS. In your account, you can use the "Monthly" view to get an overview of your orders, or the "Run Sheet" view for a more detailed picture of your orders for any given day. 

Obee's online ordering solution does not integrate with POS systems (see does Obee's online ordering intergate with my POS system). The advantage of Obee's online ordering system over traditional ordering systems is that it is designed to be used for Order Ahead (see What is Order Ahead?). This means unlike a traditional dine-in order, or on-demand take away order, you can review, manage or print your orders in advance of service. Obee reports are comprehensive, POS integration is not essential.

If you need your orders to be "live" during service, Obee operates on mobile, tablet and desktop devices so you can check this in real time, at any time, too. Some venues mount tablets near or in the kitchen if it's practical, or even hook up a normal printer with a laptop near the pass.

Can I control everything myself?

Absolutely! Our goal is to make our online ordering a fully self service solution, so you can control and update your account yourself, any time day or night. We're aiming to answer every question in our online help centre (see Online Ordering), so you can get the answer you need instantly any time of day. 

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