How does Obee's online ordering work? (for those that have used Obee before)

We've adapted our online booking widget to cater to the needs of online ordering.

How does it work for the guest?

Guests go to your website and place an order, in much the same way as they would make a regular reservation. The best way to understand the guest experience is to see it first hand, you can book a demonstration here.

How does it work for me / the venue?

You login to Obee and continue to use Obee as you normally would.

You can check your recent orders in the "Activity" screen. You can also get notified of new orders via email and SMS

Use the "Monthly" and "Run Sheet" views as you normally would to get an overview, or more detailed picture of your orders for any given day. You can utilise all the existing features in Obee to manage orders in a way that makes sense to your venue's needs (some venues use "table allocations" to allocate delivery drivers, other venues use the booking status when orders get picked up or delivered, and so on).

Can I control everything myself?

Absolutely! Our goal is to make our online ordering a fully self service solution, so you can control and update your account yourself, any time day or night. We're aiming to answer every question we've ever been asked online in our help centre (see Online Ordering), so you can get the answer you need instantly any time of day. 

Here's an overview of how the features of Obee work with online ordering.

  • Categories → Areas
    • "Areas" in Obee control the category your guest selects online at Step 1
  • Pickup, Delivery or Experience Time → Opening Hours 
    • "Opening Hours" controls the pickup, delivery and experience times (selected at Step 1) for each online ordering Category that you offer
  • Order Limits / Order Restrictions → Rules
    • "Rules" control the number of orders you can accept at any given day or time, limit your orders by category, by day, by session/time or any combination thereof.
  •  Menu Items / Experiences → Options

Need to close all online orders? It's as easy as pressing fully booked, like you normally would!

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