How to limit the number of orders on a menu item

In Obee your online ordering menu items can be found in Account → Bookings Settings → Options.

  1. Select the + edit option button on the optionHint: This page can hold a lot of information so be careful to ensure you vary the correct item
  2. Select the + vary number available under the menu item

  3. In the Label section (show below) enter some text to describe your intention. For example: Sold Out

  4. Update the Restriction dropdown (shown above) to Limit per day
  5. Enter the number available in the Limit Number 
  6. Update the Area dropdown to Pickup Order or Delivery Order as required
    Tip: Leave as “all areas” if you want to apply the restriction across all delivery methods
  7. Select Specific Date in the dropdown menu and enter the date as required
    Note: You can use the calendar icon to select a date
  8. Select Save

Note: If you'd like to change the number available in the menu option dropdown, please see: 
How to control the menu item dropdown length

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