How to check a payment record in your Pin Payments account

To check a charge in your Pin Payments account:

  1. Go to Pin Payments Log in screen
  2. Enter your account details and press "Log in"
  3. You should be on the "Charges" screen, you can check this on the left hand menu
  4. Locate the "Search" box in the top right hand corner
  5. Paste the email address of the guest in the search query box
  6. Press Enter or Return on your keyboard
  7. The charge should appear in the results

    Tip: If there are multiple charges in your search result you may need to review the charge date and time too.
  8. Ensure the charge indicates "Success"
  9. You can click on the search result if you want to investigate further

For all questions regarding your Pin Payments account please visit Support Topics or Contact pages.