How to run a payment summary report

  1. Select More from the main menu
  2. Select Statistics & Reports from the More dropdown menu
  3. Select Reports from the Statistics & Reports submenu
  4. Select Payment summary (by date range) on the Reports page
  5. Select the "Start Date" for the report
  6. Select the "End Date" for the reportHint: To run a single date report ensure the End Date matches the Start Date 
  7. You can tick the "Showing" and "Include" tick boxes to control what appears in the report
  8. Sort by can be changed if you would like to change the report sorting
  9. Press "Go"

After pressing "Go" you can also use the "export" button to extract a CSV download of the report.

The bottom of the report has a total "Amt" collected, and shows the total "Fees" collected for the date range

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