Booking terms and conditions

Disclaimer: The content on this page is intended only to provide a general overview of terms and conditions. The content does not constitute legal advice, and is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. 
Terms and conditions communicate to your guests your booking policy. Written terms can help prevent misunderstandings with guests and may also give your venue some legal protection. Your booking terms and conditions can be displayed on your booking page/widget. The following guide offers some prompts to help you devise your terms and conditions.

Some questions to consider when writing your terms and conditions:

  • Is there a minimum spend?
  • Can special dietary requirements be catered for? Any requirements or only some? Is advanced notice of any special dietary requirements needed?
  • What duration do guest have for their booking?
  • Can bookings be changed or cancelled online? Or does this need to be done by phone?
  • Do you have a cancelation policy? What prior notice is required for booking cancelations? What happens in the case a booking is cancelled after this time frame or does not show up for their booking?
  • Will reservations be held for unconfirmed bookings?
  • Are there requirements or expectations that the guest must adhere too?
  • Anything specific to your venue, such as directions to where you're located, your menu, and if they must be on specific menus for different times, days or group sizes?
  • Does an additional service charge apply? For Sundays or public holidays?

We recommend keeping your terms and conditions short and concise, communicating only the most important information for your venue

Need some help? Here are some phrases to get you started

Minimum spend - We have a minimum spend of [$XX] per booking.

Dietary requirements - We can cater to the following dietary options: [XXX]. Please note any requirements in the Comments on the next booking step.

Booking duration - We offer a [X hrs] dining duration for bookings. Your table will only be held for [XX minutes] after your booking time. Please advise us if you will be late as soon as possible. We require credit card details to secure all bookings. 
Cancelation policy - To edit or cancel your booking please contact the venue directly. We ask for [XX hrs] notice for all booking cancelations. 
Booking security - Credit card details will be collected to secure your booking. In the case our cancelation policies are not met a charge of [$] will apply.
Surcharge - A [XX%] surcharge is applied to food and beverage on public holidays.
Contact - If you have any questions about your booking, please contact us on [Phone number/Email].

We look forward to seeing you.