How to add multiple bookings at once

Obee's multiple bookings feature saves time by allowing you to make the same booking for a guest across multiple dates at once. The following guide will show you how to enable and use the feature.

How do I know if the multiple bookings feature is enabled?

If the feature is enabled on your account, Add multiple bookings will appear in the Add Booking area.

I don't see Add multiple bookings; how do I turn the feature on?

  1. Select Account on the far right of the main menu
  2. Select Preferences from the Account dropdown menu
  3. Select Add Booking from the Preferences submenu
  4. Scroll to the 'Add Booking' Preferences (Advanced) section

  5. Select the Yes radio button next to Multiple booking option
  6. Select Save Changes

How do I add a booking for multiple dates?

You've received a call from Christine Jones. She wants to make a booking for two people at 6:30pm, every Friday for the next month.

  1. In the Add Booking area, enter Christine's reservation details for the first Friday
  2. Select the calendar icon next to Add multiple bookings, and select all the Friday's that apply from the popup calendar. As each date is selected, it will be added to the booking. Note: to remove a date, click the x on the right of the date you'd like to remove
  3. Complete the booking process as normal