Voucher terms and conditions

Disclaimer: The content on this page is intended only to provide a general overview of voucher terms and conditions. The content does not constitute legal advice, and is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. 

Terms and conditions communicate to the purchaser how your vouchers can be used, and any applicable fees. Written terms can help prevent misunderstandings with the purchaser, may give your venue some legal protection and help to negate instances of fraud.

Your voucher terms and conditions can be displayed on the first step of your voucher widget, either by themselves, or above the purchase options. The following guide offers some prompts to help you devise your terms and conditions.

Some questions to consider when writing your terms and conditions:

  • How long are vouchers valid for?
  • Are vouchers transferrable to other recipients?
  • Can vouchers be exchanged for cash?
  • Are vouchers non-refundable?
  • How can vouchers be redeemed? Can they be presented digitally? Do they need to be printed?
  • If the voucher is for a package you no longer offer, can the guest use the voucher for something else of equivalent value?
  • May recipients be asked to present proof of ID when redeeming vouchers?
  • Are vouchers single use only? If they are, what happens to any outstanding balance?
  • Can multiple vouchers be used together for one transaction?
  • Can vouchers be used in conjunction with promotions?
  • Are there any transaction or postage fees that apply?
  • Do you reserve the right to vary the terms and conditions?

Risks and prevention

All online transactions carry inherent risks and we advise to adopt some measures to deter and negate the potential for voucher fraud.

A common pattern with voucher fraud is redemption that occurs the same day as purchase (or within a few days). We would recommend adding additional terms and conditions to act as a deterrent. For example:

If the recipient presents the gift voucher within14 days of the purchase date, they may be asked to provide proof of ID (and a copy of this ID may be made).