POS Integration for Vouchers

How does the integration work?

Every time a voucher is added into your Obee account, its details will be pushed automatically to your POS system. That includes vouchers that are purchased online, as well as those created in-house.

Changes that are made in your POS system will not be pushed back to your Obee account. In practice this means Obee will handle the sale of your vouchers, while your POS system will handle the redemption of your vouchers.


Which POS systems are supported?

Can't see your POS system in the list? Let us know which POS system you use by emailing support@obeeapp.com


Are there fees for the integration?

POS integration for vouchers is included in the Plus and Voucher Plus plans. For all other plans, there are additional fees. Please note, your POS provider may charge their own integration fees.


How will barcodes and QR codes work with my POS system?

The Plus and Voucher Plus plans allow you to display barcodes and QR codes on your vouchers. You will need to contact your POS provider directly to determine if they support barcode and QR code scanning and check if they have any other related requirements.


How do I get started?

Let us know you're interested in POS integration for vouchers by emailing support@obeeapp.com; our team will discuss the specific requirements for your integration and the setup process.